Hiring: Food Hub Sales Manager – Food Connects

Food Hub Sales Manager
Salaried Full Time, 40 hours per week
Start Date: Flexible, ideally prior to May 1

About Food Connects
Food Connects is a dynamic and growing nonprofit organization based in Brattleboro, VT that delivers
locally produced food as well as educational and consulting services aimed at transforming local food
systems. Founded in 2013, Food Connects (FC) is a catalyst for food systems change by connecting
the next generation with their food, local farmers with new markets, and school chefs with local food.
The Food Connects Food Hub delivers source-identified local food from over 60 farms and
value-added producers to over 100 wholesale customers located in Southern Vermont, Western New
Hampshire, and Western Massachusetts. Currently, we offer two weekly deliveries and conduct sales
through our online platform. The Food Hub is experiencing rapid growth, 25% over the past year, and
will be expanding our operations, infrastructure, and delivery schedule over the coming year.
Food Connects is looking for a passionate, experienced Sales Manager to guide food hub sales
through an exciting and dynamic growth period and support Food Connects’ vision to provide
innovative and transformative solutions to New England’s local food system.

Job Summary
The Food Hub Sales Manager (FHSM) is responsible for growing Food Connects Food Hub sales. The
FHSM spends a large portion of each week on the road visiting existing customers to build
relationships and promote purchasing of local products, as well as developing new customer leads to
drive FC’s expansion goals.

The FHSM provides exceptional customer service to all Food Hub customers. This requires excellent
communication skills, both written and verbal: in person, over the phone, email, and text.
Responsibilities include collection and compilation of twice-weekly orders, following up with
customers regarding product satisfaction, and pursuing upsell opportunities to the benefit of both
customer and producer. The FHSM must develop and maintain knowledge of all Food Hub products
and be able to assess and tailor products to specific customers and customer types. This includes
understanding the differing needs and purchasing requirements for schools, institutions, hospitals,
retail outlets, restaurants, and more.

The FHSM works with the Food Hub team to continuously evolve and develop sales strategies and
plans throughout the changing seasons. This includes promotions on seasonal crops, integrating the
Harvest of the Month program into sales strategy, prioritizing product sales flow based on current
inventory, and promoting new products and producers. Sales plans are developed in coordination with
the Food Hub General Manager (FHGM), Operations Manager (FHOM), and Communications Manager
(FCCM). Sales planning meetings will also include setting sales goals and reporting and reviewing
ongoing and prior goals and promotions.

The FHSM maintains and updates detailed notes on customer updates with sales progress, personnel
changes, and feedback. To manage this, the FHSM must have consistently exceptional organizational
skills, record-keeping skills, and attention to detail. The FHSM will ideally have experience in using
customer relationship management (CRM) software.
The FHSM is based at the Food Connects office in Brattleboro, VT but will involve regular travel for
sales calls, mostly within a 50-mile radius. Additional travel may be required as Food Connects grows
its customer base.

● The FHSM will work closely with the Executive Director, Food Hub General Manager,
Operations Manager, and Communications Manager.
● As part of the management team, the FHSM will participate, as needed, in decision making on
business development and the direction of the food hub as a whole.
● All Food Hub Employees ultimately report to the Food Hub General Manager.

● This position is full-time, non-exempt salary.
● Schedule has some flexibility, but general availability required on weekdays approximately
9AM-5PM. Work time may be required outside normal business hours, but such instances are
infrequent and adequate advanced notice will be provided.

Job Responsibilities
● Ensures the accurate and timely compilation of Food Hub orders on a twice-weekly basis for
submission to our producers.
● Provides order reports to the FHOM and ensures clarity in ongoing supply needs based on
projected sales.
● Promotes growth of local food deliveries by enhancing existing relationships with customers
and developing new relationships with potential customers.
● Coordinates with producers and customers on promotions, and in-store demonstrations.
● Maintains positive relationships and communications between producers and customers.
● Accurately tracks and communicates mileage, hours, and other relevant travel information.
● Maintains database of customer notes and developments in a clear, concise and consistent
● Coordinates with FHOM regarding inventory management and product samples.
Required Qualifications
● Previous sales experience, preferably outside sales and/or local food sales.
● Strong knowledge of veggies, fruits, dairy, meats, value-added products and other
locally-produced foods.
● Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal: in person, over the phone, email, text.
● Excellent customer service skills.
● Strong organizational skills and natural proclivity for keeping detailed records.
● Interest in and ability to adapt to changes in evolving business, be creative, and jump in where
needed to optimize operations.
● Cheerful, professional presence.
● General technical skills with common workplace tools such as: G-suite, Excel, Slack, Asana,
and customer relationship management software (CRM).
● Ability to learn and incorporate new tools and technology into work plan.
● Reliable private vehicle. Mileage tracked and reimbursed at the federal rate. Company vehicles
are often, but not always, available.
● Valid driver’s license.
● Reliable cell phone. Monthly cell phone reimbursement is rolled into salary.
● At least 3 professional references.
Preferred Qualifications
● Existing relationships with food producers in SE VT, SW NH, and Western Mass.
● General knowledge of the sustainable food and agriculture sector.
● General knowledge of purchasing regulations for schools, institutions, and restaurants.
● Experience in small business management and/or business development, especially in the
food sector.
● Familiarity with the geographical area of our delivery services (Windham County, VT; Windsor
County, VT; Upper Valley, VT + NH; Cheshire County, NH; Western Massachusetts).
● Experience with E-commerce and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for food sales
and distribution.
● Experience driving diesel box/reefer trucks.
● Experience operating a pallet jack and forklift.
● Knowledge of food safety regulations.
● ServSafe Certified.

Physical Requirements
● Ability to lift and move product (cases up to 50 lbs) throughout the workday.
● Ability to drive continuously for a full workday.
● Ability to work in various weather conditions.
● Compensation: Starting at $36,000 per year, negotiable depending on experience
● Incentives will be considered during annual review within 12 months of start.

To Apply
● Please send cover letter, resume, and references in one PDF document to with the subject line:
○ < Your Last Name >, Application: Food Hub Sales Manager
● We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. This position will remain open until filled.

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