Hiring: Manager – Amherst Winter Market

The Amherst Winter Farmer’s Market began in 2010 with the vision of expanding access to local food beyond the traditional farmer’s market season. December through March, the market boasts an array of fresh vegetables, squash and root veggies, apples, cheese, canned preserves and pickles, pastured meat, eggs, delicious bread, baked goods, and much more! We are also thrilled to be able to share the talents of artists and musicians at the market, growing community while supporting local farmers.

We are currently seeking a dynamic individual to manage market. The market manager must have a passion for local food, an eye for details, be comfortable working with many different people, and be able to work in an independent, self-directed manner. Marketing and design savvy is a plus, although not required. The manager must also be able to work Saturdays from December through March. The manager will also be expected to use their own car, computer, and phone.

Read below for a detailed description of the responsibilities, schedule, and compensation for this position.

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume and three references to Kristen Whitmore. Applicants will be interviewed on a rolling basis as the the position is to be filled immediately. The outgoing manager will work to train the incoming manager to assure a smooth transition, and the continued operation of the market.


P/R and Communications: promote market to public, press, and businesses.
  • Signs & flyers in the immediate area
  • Work with advertisers and promoters
  • Organize, promote, and facilitate special market events that improve PR, and promote customer attendance and community support (e.g. donation day, Winter Fare)
  • Update social media, website, and newsletter weekly
  • Create and implement measures to grow email contact list (e.g. promotions, etc.)
  • Conduct surveys to ascertain the areas where the market is doing well/could improve
  • Organize and promote educational workshops
  • Work with school facilities manager and custodians
  • Work with vendors on a weekly basis to ensure compliance and good communication
  • Locate and coordinate market volunteers, actively recruit new volunteers; schedule and train
  • Find and recruit and intern or assistant manager if necessary
  • Mediate vendor conflicts
  • Register all vendors, collect/track vendor payments, manage bank account
  • Pay bills
  • Maintain budget, update monthly
  • Maintain customer counts at the market
  • Work closely with board of health to make sure all requirements are being met
  • Communicate, and work with market EBT/SNAP program (manager does not run this program, but should be able to answer questions for volunteers, customers, and vendors at market).
  • Work with partner on developing new legal status
  • Recruit sponsors for the market season
  • Actively promote sponsors throughout the season via email, website, banners, materials, etc.
  • Coordinate one public activity that recognizes sponsors
  • Seek and fill out grants
Committee Coordination
  • Organize 3 meetings during the season (before, during and after)
  • Work with committee to actively keep committee informed, solve bigger issues, review all new vendors, and further develop market guidelines
  • Book a musician at every market
  • Coordinate with local kids’ groups to provide kids activities at the market when possible
Market Days
  • Arrive at 8:00 AM and stay through until 3:00 PM or all vendors have left the building
  • Mark out vendor spaces prior to each market (Saturday morning)
  • Assist in rapid vendor clean out and arrival, and assist janitor in cleaning up
  • Put out signs on road prior to market
  • Set up welcome table, move chairs, put up signs, EBT table, etc.


  • $4,500 over the course of a year, payable as follows. Based on 300 hours at $15/hour
    • September: 20hrs, $300
    • October: 20hrs, $300
    • November: 40hrs, $600
    • December: 50hrs, $750
    • January: 50hrs, $750
    • February: 45hrs, $750
    • March: 40hrs, $550
    • April: 15hrs, $200
    • May: 5hrs, $75
    • June: 5hrs, $75
    • July: 5hrs, $75
    • August: 5hrs, $75
    • Total: 300hrs, $4,500
  • Market manager is an independent contractor and is therefore responsible for all taxes and fees

Breakdown of Task Schedule by Month (approx.)

  • Reconcile QuickBooks
  • Coordinate events
  • Training
  • Reach out to sponsors and follow up
  • Contact guest vendors & craft vendors
  • Contact full time vendors
  • Sponsor follow up
  • Purchase media/advertising
  • Review applications for full-time vendors and finalize
  • Get print materials made
  • Schedule committee meeting
  • Finalize full-time vendor details, schedule craft vendors
  • Book musicians and kids activities
  • Begin promotion via web, email, Facebook
  • Hang posters and flyers
  • Make vendor layout map
  • Radio/print ads
  • Coordinate with summer markets to promote to their lists
  • Organize promotions and special events
  • Check in with middle schools staff
  • Check in with all vendors
  • Weekly promotion
  • Weekly communication with vendors, musicians, kids’ activities
  • Day of market management
  • Coordinate special events
  • Organize Winter Fare
  • Weekly promotion
  • Weekly communication with vendors, musicians, kids’ activities
  • Day of market management
  • Coordinate special events
  • Organize mid-season market meeting
  • Weekly promotion
  • Weekly communication with vendors, musicians, kids’ activities
  • Day of market management
  • Coordinate special events
  • Weekly promotion
  • Weekly communication with vendors, musicians, kids’ activities
  • Day of market management
  • Coordinate special events
  • Organize end of season committee meeting
  • Follow up survey to vendors, musicians, and customers
  • Summarize results of survey
  • Hold end of season committee meeting
  • Finalize budget for previous year, create proposed budget for next year
  • Update web, Facebook, etc.
  • Send survey results to vendors to plan for next year
  • Purchases, upgrades etc. for next season

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