Hiring: Manager of Operations

Start date : May 1, but we will accommodate a later date for the right candidate.

Cricket Creek Farm is looking for a Manager of Operations whose primary job responsibilities would be to oversee marketing & sales, manage inventory and handle human resources.

Join their team of thoughtful, talented individuals who are dedicated to the production of good food, on our growing mission-based small farm in a beautiful Berkshires town. This is a unique opportunity for a driven and hardworking individual to become intimately involved with all aspects of the farm organism. A successful candidate is a highly organized natural leader who cares deeply about small farm viability, and is excited to bring creativity to communicating the message of the important work we do in producing high-quality cheese. The Manager of Operations will have critical involvement in the overall project – from managing cheese inventory, to coordinating special events, to big-picture farm planning and apprentice training. This position requires you to consistently see the balance of the farm vision and simultaneously manage the daily details of running a small business. If you identify yourself as a problem solver, a quick thinker, and an exceptional community builder who can inspire others, this position might be right for you. An ideal candidate has experience managing a small team, an understanding of marketing and sales, a strong passion for food and agriculture and experience with human resources.

Requirements: Excellent prioritization, organizational, and social skills, solid oral and written communication and comfort reaching out to customers in person and over the phone. Candidate must be able to give and receive feedback within our intimate work environment. As an ambassador of the company, constant attention to brand perception is essential, as is meticulous consideration of detail, punctuality, focus, and a desire to motivate others. Some travel within the Northeast is expected.

Job Description: The 5 primary facets of this position are: Marketing, Sales, Inventory Management, Community Engagement/Events, and Human Resources.

Inventory Management & Planning: Keeping track of all cheese in inventory, projecting future sales, and working closely with the cheese maker to create a production schedule that will meet the seasonal demands of our customers.
Sales: Corresponding with our buyers on a regular basis including weekly emails and phone calls with cheese mongers, chefs, and cheese distributors. Other tasks include tracking sales and ensuring that all orders are filled on time.
Marketing : Liaison to all of our customers including cheese mongers, chefs, cheese distributors, and farmers markets. Build relationships with new customers around the Northeast. Work includes ongoing promotion of the farm and cheese specifically, regular social media presence, writing weekly newsletters, applying to summer/winter/year-round farmers markets, handling all packaging/labeling/product presentation.
Human Resources: Responsible for hiring apprentices for both the creamery and farm, keeping current positions listed on the farm website, handling all new employee paperwork, and creating schedules for all farm staff including apprentices. As the manager of a dedicated hardworking team, interpersonal skills needed to support and encourage job satisfaction with employees and volunteers.

Also responsible for employee and apprentice reviews, giving positive and constructive feedback.
Community Engagement/Events: Arrange for demos and promotions of our farm products, host visitors at the farm, attend special events to outreach with the community and our customer base, and reply to inquiries/questions/requests. Manage incoming leads related to events (weddings, dinners, parties) that can be held in the farm’s Stone Barn.
We are located in Williamstown, MA, a small college town in the northern Berkshires. Williamstown has a great independent movie theater, the Clark Art museum, a wonderful theater festival in the summertime and several great restaurants. We are surrounded by preserved land with many hiking trails. Nearby is Mass MOCA, Tanglewood, and many lovely small towns. Williamstown is 3 hours from Boston and 3 1/2 hours from NYC.

***There are rooms available in the main Farm House or a 2-bedroom apartment located on the Farm property that can be available if needed.

The first step is to answer the questions below and send us the responses along with a current resume, cover letter, and 3 references. Reference letters are not required, but are helpful. Based on the responses, we will contact you to set up a phone interview and potentially a visit. Please send all application materials to or call (413) 458-5888 if you have questions.

Application Questions

-What excites you most about the possibility of working at Cricket Creek Farm?
-Detail your experience with human resource management, and explain what professional qualities you would bring to our hiring, scheduling, staff reviews, and conflict resolution.
-Provide specific examples of what has worked well for you and what has not worked well, with regards to your past 2 workplaces.
-Write 10 sentences about the importance of supporting small dairy farms and value-added production.
-What is your availability? How long can you commit to? When can you start (give an exact date please)?
-How would you describe your interest/ability to be a public face of the farm (attending farmers markets on occasion, assisting customers in our farm store)?
-Have you ever lived in this area? Do you think Northern Berkshire County would be a good fit for you?

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