Hiring: Packing House Assistant – Atlas Farm

The Packinghouse Assistant works with the Packinghouse Manager in all post-harvest operations including processing, grading, and packing produce, as well as the loading and delivery of wholesale orders. Like most jobs on the farm, the intensity of this position has a certain seasonality, with the high season being from June through January and the lower season being from February through May. Throughout the year, but especially during the lower season, the packing house assistant may also assist in the other aspects of the farm including greenhouse production, field production, farmers markets and farm store work. However, the following job description represents the priorities for this position and will constitute the great majority of the work for this person on the farm.

General responsibilities are to assist in all post-harvest operations, including:
Transporting produce from the field to the packinghouse
Processing and packing produce including hydro cooling, washing, grading, and packing produce.
Preparing orders for delivery.
Delivering produce to wholesale customers, and well as picking up supplies etc. needed for the farm.
Transporting produce to and from offsite storage facility.
Maintaining harvest equipment including totes and harvesting implements
Maintaining packinghouse equipment including walk-in coolers, hydro cooler, brusher washer, barrel washer, pallet jacks, and various washing and packing equipment
Maintaining packing house organization and cleanliness including wash area, pallet and tote storage, crop storage
Maintaining harvest and wholesale records
Communicating with wholesale customers and suppliers.
Monitoring inventory of tools and equipment and ordering as necessary.
Preparing invoices for wholesale customers.

To apply for this position, please email a cover letter explaining experience and interest in the position, as well as a resume, to Troy at wholesale@atlasfarm.com

Pay: commensurate with experience


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