Hiring: Production Manager – Fungi Ally

Description: This position is for the production manager role at Fungi Ally. This employee will be in charge of daily aspects of mushroom cultivation including:

  • Spawn production. Preparing grain spawn and maintaining inventory.
  • Bulk inoculations. Daily inoculations of fruiting substrate.
  • Grow room conditions. Daily monitoring and adjustment of conditions
  • Tracking yields and cycling crops.
  • Receiving orders, printing invoices, and organizing packing and delivery.

They will organize and supervise a 3-person crew to complete these daily tasks. This role will be expected to have a broad view of these processes and implement changes to improve efficiency and productivity. This role will communicate closely with the owner to be sure day to day tasks are accomplished to fulfill Fungi Ally’s mission and sales goals. It is very important to have good interpersonal skills and be able to motivate and give feedback to employees. This role is expected to have a long-term vision of being with the business.

Expected tasks:

  • Coordinate crew for daily tasks. Lead crew in those tasks ensuring speed and quality are maintained
  • Set up and plan tasks and communicate what is coming next to all members of crew
  • Give feedback to team members when something is not working and be open to receiving feedback on communication and working methods
  • Identify opportunities to make daily tasks more efficient or easier for crew. Communicate these opportunities with owner
  • Implement improvements to increase yield, efficiency, or ease of daily tasks
  • Identify problems in production, analyze data and ensure target goals in production are hit. Communicate weekly with owner about target goals and what happened.
  • Research solutions to production problems and implement possible solutions.
  • Research and implement expansion of production line, including other mushroom species and products.
  • Give input on expanding Fungi Ally
  • Order production materials
  • Update production schedule and coordinate with sales team

Hours and Compensation: Hourly wage is $12-16/hour depending on experience. The job starts August 7th or earlier.  Work hours are Monday-Friday from 8-5, year round; hours may shift in the winter. Occasional events and festivals on the weekends particularly in September and October will also be staffed by this role.

About Fungi Ally: Our mission is to create a world of balance and connection by revealing the power of mushrooms. We primarily do this through indoor production of shiitake, oyster, and lion’s mane mushrooms year round. We also produce and sell fruiting blocks, spawn, mushroom extracts, and provide mushroom education. We currently produce 300 pounds of shiitake, oyster, and lions mane mushrooms per week which will increase to 500 pounds per week in September. We work indoors and operate year round. We value our employees and strive to balance life and work. Clear and open communication is essential to our business and creating an atmosphere we all want to work in.

About the ideal Candidate:

  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to understand complex processes
  • Interested in creating a workplace culture of connection, balance, and success
  • Capable of physical labor including moving 50+ pound bags
  • Able to do repetitive tasks with clarity and precision
  • Can communicate clear expectations and investigate why expectations are not met
  • Open to giving and receiving clear, constructive, and true feedback
  • Committed to growing and improving Fungi Ally
  • Willing to look at patterns and work to change them

To apply please send your resume and a cover letter to Applications accepted until July 20th. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis from July 13th-25th.

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