Hiring: Volunteer – Gould Farm

Join a dynamic and dedicated team as a full-time Volunteer/Intern at Gould Farm in the Berkshires, in Western MA. Mature and caring individuals interested in living and working in a therapeutic community for people with mental health challenges working on one of our agricultural teams are encouraged to apply. We ask that Volunteers/Interns commit to six months to a year of service. We provide our year long Volunteers/Interns with:

  • Room and board
  • Health insurance
  • Monthly living stipend
  • On the job training and experience working on a farm

As a member of one of our farm/agricultural work teams, Volunteers/Interns gain wide-ranging experiences, skills and knowledge, while also contributing to the overall healing milieu for program participants. Volunteers/Interns support work teams by participating in the daily tasks the teams perform, working side-by-side with guests (our term for program participants), and often providing leadership and coaching to guests in the tasks and projects of the work teams.

Volunteers/Interns are welcome to apply to one of three agricultural teams:

As a member of the Farm Team, you will have the opportunity to participate in the care of the beef and dairy herds, the fieldwork that supports their health, and the processing of dairy products. Under the guidance of our experienced farm staff, you have the opportunity to learn about animal health and care, intensive rotational grazing, and breeding practices to manage production, while plugging into the projects that build the modernization and efficiency of our dairy operation. Daily tasks include feeding the animals, milking, and mucking out the barn, pasteurizing milk, making cheese, fence work, tool and equipment maintenance, and animal transport.

Garden Team Volunteers/Interns maintain an acre of cultivated land, as well as a greenhouse and several hoop houses. As a year-long member of the Garden Team, you will get to experience a complete life-cycle, participating in the planning, planting, tending, and harvesting of food crops enjoyed in our dining room, as well as by seasonal customers of our CSA and shared with area food security organizations. Garden tasks include seed starts, planting, harvesting, weeding, building raised beds, repairing equipment, cultivating mushrooms, managing the vermicomposting and seasonal sap collection and maple syrup production, and cider pressing.

The Forestry & Grounds Team (F&G) is responsible for a wide range of tasks that maintain the tidiness, beauty, and safety of the Gould Farm campus, as well as our model forest. Daily indoor housekeeping around the Main House is balanced with a variety of outdoor activities. From lawn care to trail maintenance of our many miles of hiking trails, to gathering and splitting firewood and tapping trees, sap collection and syrup production, there are many opportunities to learn new skills.

If you are interested in learning more about Volunteer/Intern opportunities and how to apply, visit our website:, or contact us at

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