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Washroom Assistants

Riverland Farm is a Women-run, Certified Organic Farm in Western Massachusetts. We grow high quality, organic produce for our community. We are invested in the health and viability of organic farmland in our region and continue to work to maintain and improve the land we farm.

We grow 40 acres of certified organic vegetables on prime agricultural soil along the Connecticut River in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. We take pride in the quality of our vegetables and the ongoing relationships we maintain with our customers, locally and regionally.

Our growing practices, inputs and systems reflect our high standards for healthy land, good food and worker safety. We use only sustainable practices and organic approved inputs. We are a USDA Certified Organic Farm, certified by Baystate Certifiers.

Working on a farm crew often fosters lasting connections and friendships. We have a small and tight knit crew that works very closely with one another on a daily basis. We aim to have our crew working together towards common goals and supporting one another through the wide range of ups and downs of farming. Farming is a very physically demanding job. The days are long and variable and require people with good mental and physical stamina. A person that excels in these roles is a good team player, has a positive attitude and good work ethic, is efficiency minded, has a good sense of humor, and is physically fit.

Please email a resume and a cover letter detailing your interest in working for Riverland farm to

Positions start in the middle of April and continue through October or November

  • 40-55 hrs per week, Monday – Friday
  • 2 Saturday mornings each month (7 am – 12 pm)

Job Overview:

This is a full-time hybrid position on the farm. Once properly trained you will assist in implementation of all post-harvest produce washing and handling, packaging, organizing, and cooling activities. A person who excels in this role is someone that has a critical eye toward quality and consistency of produce, has good organizational skills, and is a great communicator. They are a good team player, have a positive attitude and good work ethic, strong spatial relations, are efficiently minded, and physically fit. Outside of the washroom responsibilities, you will also be responsible for general farm work from seed to harvest and everything in between. 

Washroom Assistant Responsibilities: 

  • Assisting in implementation of washing, processing, and packing of all farm produce
  • Harvest record keeping
  • Maintaining inventory of washroom and packaging supplies
  • Keeping quality control, cleanliness, and food safety a priority for all workers involved in the process
  • Maintaining inventory of produce in storage and communicating when supply is running low
  • Communicating any inconsistencies with planned harvest amounts or quality with Washroom Managers and Harvest Managers
  • Always having an eye toward the next task and how to best assist the task in an efficient manner
  • Assisting in maintenance of the washroom cleanliness on a daily basis

Other Farm Responsibilities: 

  • Greenhouse work including seeding, transplanting, filling seedling trays with soil, moving seedling trays around and out of the greenhouse
  • Field work including transplanting by machine and hand, hoeing, hand weeding, and managing row cover
  • Harvest work is mostly done by hand for the many vegetable crops we grow and requires a lot of heavy lifting, it includes using sharp tools (knives / clippers), rubber bands for making bunches, and requires a lot of counting and meticulous quality control.
  • Operation of farm vehicles
  • Clean up of farm waste and organization of materials
  • Additionally some tasks such as light carpentry, painting, and building or equipment maintenance will be part of this position

All applicants will be considered for these positions but preference is given to those with prior farm experience. You must have a valid driver’s license to apply.

Pay: starts at $15/hour and is commensurate with experience

All full-time positions include benefits of allotted vacation time and four paid holidays off – Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, & Indigenous Peoples Day

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