Hiring: Website Guru – Amherst Food Co-Op

The Co-op is looking for an individual who has good website design and development skills to update our website. As you know, we’re in the start-up phase and we don’t have an operating cashflow. Funds are limited. But it is essential that we have an up-to-date and compelling web presence that will become a vital portal for sharing information with the community and drawing new member-owners into the Co-op. Can you help?

We currently run our website on and do our member-owner intake through the Nationbuilder platform. We need to update most of the website’s content (we will provide that content), and we need to devise a seamless mechanism to speed member-owner intake and registration. We need a member-owner counter on the website. We’d like to put up more images and more video. The website has to be simple, intuitive, and attractive. Do you have exciting ideas for the website? Tell us about them!

We are looking for a person who has an understanding of and willingness to learn more about the cooperative business model. We need someone who will bring their passion to this project which, although limited in scope, will have much larger meaning and value for our community.

Compensation is negotiable.

Please contact the Co-op at
or Alex Kent by phone: 413-896-7641

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