Kids’ School Lunch Recipes: Sandwich on a Stick

For kids who aren’t big on eating sandwiches for lunch, try this fun alternative that uses fresh, local ingredients. You can assemble the sandwich kebobs in the morning, or, let your child build them at school. This recipe was developed by Deanna Cook and featured on Mass Appeal — see the segment here!

Toothpicks or skewers
Cooked ham, cubed
Lettuce leaves
Whole grain bread, cubed
Cheddar or other cheese, cubed
Cherry tomatoes
Small dill pickles, optional
Ranch dressing or mustard (for dipping)

  1. Cube the bread, cheese, and cooked meats.
  2. Thread the toothpicks or skewers with the meat, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and pickles.
  3. Serve with Ranch dressing or mustard for dipping.