Kids’ School Lunch Recipes

Below are recipes are provided by Deanna Cook of Kidstir.

5 Lunch Box Ideas

Apple Sauce Muffins

Fresh Salsa

Salad Bar in a Jar
Layer a mason jar with salad stuff. Start with dressing on the bottom of the jar. Then add layers of lettuce, grated carrot, chick peas or diced meats, and tomatoes. At school, kids can shake it up and eat it right out of the jar.

DIY Taco Kit
Help your kids pack up taco toppings in separate containers and let them build their own tacos at lunch. Warm leftover taco filling (beans, beef, shredded chicken) and pack it in a Thermos. Then pack individual containers with grated cheese, salsa, lettuce, rice, and tortillas or taco shells. At school, they can set up a taco bar in the cafeteria!