Local Hero Profile: 30Boltwood

Chef Kevin Doubleday
photo: Four Wings Photography

30Boltwood’s Executive Chef Kevin Doubleday has been cooking at the Lord Jeffrey Inn since 2012, when he came on board as Sous Chef. In that time, he has demonstrated keen knowledge and skills in creating menus and managing his team. Prior to 2012, Chef Kevin worked at several well-known restaurants in Western Massachusetts as well as the New York City area. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts from the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, VT. Chef Kevin loves creating simply-prepared meals inspired by the abundance of locally-sourced ingredients available in the Pioneer Valley. 30Boltwood is a gathering place where old friends and new acquaintances quietly sip cocktails by the fire and celebrate all that is great about food, drink and camaraderie.

“ I just want to try to match the care and love that the farmers put into growing.” -Chef Kevin

A reason to support local farms:

It’s so important for local businesses to support one another. The quality of the food available from local farms is hard to beat. 30Boltwood has a symbiotic relationship with the farms they work with, and Chef Kevin hopes his creations can live up to the quality food they provide.

30boltA few local food businesses 30Boltwood is proud to support:

  • Book & Plow Farm
  • The Kitchen Garden
  • Old Friends Farm
  • Simple Gifts Farm
  • Woodstar Bakery

What’s your favorite local ingredient?

“I don’t have a favorite — I like working with whatever’s in season! I’ve been enjoying the red dandelion leaf from The Kitchen Garden lately.”

Did you know?

30Boltwood tries to keep food waste to a minimum. In addition to always trying to find new ways to prepare familiar foods, they can and dehydrate often to make the local harvest last as long as possible.

30Boltwood supports Book & Plow Farm

Book & Plow real logoFarmers: Maida Ives and Kaylee Brow

Story: Book & Plow is a diverse vegetable farm located on land owned by Amherst College, committed to growing food sustainably and educating others to do the same. They operate on about 20 acres, employing ecologically responsible practices like cover cropping and year round rotation to reduce pest pressure and build up the soil’s natural fertility. Every year, Book & Plow hires eight summer interns, provides work-study positions, and offers orientation activities to students from the college. Although the farm is independent from the school, they maintain a strong connection exemplified not only by the learning experiences Book & Plow provides but also by the large portion of their product that they sell to Amherst College Dining Services.

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