Local Hero Profile: Bottega Cucina

Supicha Hillenbrand, Phil Hillenbrand, and staff

Philip and Supicha Hillenbrand, owners of Bottega Cucina in West Springfield, aim to provide a unique eating experience for their customers that combines flavors from Italy and Thailand. The food here is made to order, cooked from scratch using as many local ingredients as possible. Philip, who has worked at a number of restaurants around the Valley after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 1995, got his passion for farm fresh foods while working at the Deerfield Inn, where he had the chance to visit local farms and pick his own ingredients. Philip and Supicha’s inspiration comes from their customers, many of whom share their passion for local food and care about the farms Bottega Cucina sources from. They’re proud to offer high-quality food that showcases the Pioneer Valley harvest.

“We don’t want to get bigger. We want to make sure we have the time to talk to our customers and teach them about the food we create.” -Philip Hillenbrand, owner

The flavor of fusion

Some customer favorites include the Chicken Sesame Cold Noodles made with Tom’s Wildflower Honey, Red Fire Farm carrots, and mayo using local eggs (left below); and the Penne Gorgonzola with Mapleline Farm cream and Rainbow Harvest Farm parsley (right below).

photo: Bottega Cucina

A few local farms on the menu

  • Flayvors of Cook Farm
  • Mapleline Farm
  • Rainbow Harvest Farm
  • Red Fire Farm

A reason to come to Bottega Cucina

Come out for Thai Tuesdays! Enjoy favorites from their regular Italian menu or explore their once-a-week Thai menu. This is a great opportunity to connect with the owners, ask questions, and learn about a new cuisine!

Did you know?

Bottega Cucina means “Kitchen Workshop” in Italian. They want to continue experimenting and believe a chef should never stop learning!

photo by Elizabeth Solaka

Bottega Cucina supports Rainbow Harvest Farm

Farmer: David Paysnick

Story: At Rainbow Harvest Farm in Greenfield, farmer David Paysnick grows a variety of vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, and fruits, and makes specialty seasoning salts and blends flavored with chiles, garlic, and herbs grown right on the farm. All produce is ecologically grown, using sustainable practices with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. You can find Rainbow Harvest Farm year-round at the Greenfield and Forest Park farmers’ markets.

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