Local Hero Profile: Bub’s BBQ

tentOwners Chris and Andrea Moroney took over Bub’s BBQ in 2011 after the previous owners deemed them the perfect people to treat the restaurant right. At Bub’s, it’s all about having a good time and eating great food—including fresh produce from local farms. The restaurant has been buying local for more than 30 years. At times it can be challenging: “Farmers are busy,” says Chris. “Finding that window when we can talk to them, know what they have to offer, and then buy enough of it to get through the week can be hard.” Chris appreciates their relationships with local farmers like Tom Doubleday and Mike Wisseman. Doubleday Farm seeks Chris out each week to let him know what’s available and delivers produce right to the restaurant, which is convenient. Chris has also enjoyed getting to know Mike from Warner Farm. “He’s a good guy,” says Chris. “We trade pork with him and it’s a nice symbiotic relationship.”

signLocal on the menu:

“We feature fresh cucumber salad with tomatoes from Warner Farm and homemade coleslaw with locally grown cabbage. All dinners and sandwiches include our unlimited hot and cold bar with a bounty of great local produce.”

What is your favorite part of your job?

“The customers are great. They are all nice people and we can tell they enjoy themselves. That’s very gratifying.”

A reason to come to Bub’s:

“We offer a comfortable, unpretentious, and fun atmosphere. We want people to have a good time.”

Did you know?

Bub’s BBQ serves fried gator tail… which (we hope) is NOT locally grown!

Bub’s BBQ supports Warner Farm

Farmer: Mike Wissemann

Story: Warner Farm is a tenth generation family farm located in Sunderland. They grow over thirty different crops on 150 acres of land and use agricultural methods that promote biodiversity and maintain the health of the soil including organic growing practices, integrated pest management, and crop rotation. The farm has been in operation since 1720 bringing fresh, quality produce to the community. They offer vegetable, fruit, egg, and flower CSA shares during the growing season and sell wholesale. Warner Farm is home to Mike’s Maze, an eight-acre corn maze that features a number of family activities.

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