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Dobra Tea

Owners Alli and Joel Jukiro first discovered their passion for tea at the Dobrá in Burlington. They loved the tea shop so much that they were inspired to join the collective and open their own Dobrá Tea just like the one in Burlington. In 2013, after a three year stint on a farm in Montana, they came to Northampton and did just that. Alli and Joel’s time in Montana instilled in them a deep appreciation of local farms and community, and investing in their neighbors remains one of their core values. “There’s no other way you can concretely see your impact in your community,” says Alli. The incomparable variety of tea offered at Dobrá—as well as the rest of the menu—includes items from many local farms, with ingredients coming from Sawmill Herb Farm, Winter Moon Roots, Full Kettle Farm, Mapleline Farm, Red Fire Farm, and more.

Local on the menu:

Herbal teas — There are so many that are local. Over 100 pounds of locally grown herbs from Sawmill Farm and Full Kettle Farm go into Dobrá’s extensive herbal tea offerings per year.

Chais—Dobrá’s made-from-scratch 100% Local Chais are amazing! Made from locally, responsibly harvested Chaga, Sawmill tulsi, Old Friends Farm ginger, Mapleline Farm milk and North Hadley Sugar Shack maple syrup, these drinks are a real taste of the Valley.

Dobra Tea

What’s your favorite part of your job?

“The people. The staff is like family. The business is all about who you are and who you employ.”

How do you want people to feel at Dorba Tea?

“We try to create a space for authentic, real experience—where the customers can create whatever space they need at the time.”

Did you know?

We also source all of our cheese locally from Shepherd’s Gate Farm in Holland,

Dobra Tea supports Sawmill Herb Farm

photo1Farmer: Susan Pincus

Story: Since she was very young, Susan Pincus has had an interest in herbs. She has experience on a variety of vegetable farms, but is partial to working with plants that are in their wild form and not domesticated the way most vegetables are. Susan uses no-till growing methods to build up the soil and saves seeds each year. She especially enjoys working with Echinacea because the plant can be used medicinally no matter what stage it’s at in its development. At Sawmill Herb Farm in Florence you can sign up for a fresh herb CSA or an apothecary share, which also includes products like teas, infused oils, and salves. Susan also hosts classes on a wide range of health topics at the farm.

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