Local Hero Profile: Hillside Pizza

LogoWhen asked why Hillside Pizza prioritizes local food, co-owner Bob Linder said, “My whole life has been about that!” When Bob and Hillside Pizza co-owner Craig White first met, Bob was running his own CSA at Hillside Organic Farm and Craig was a chef at The Bement School. The two decided to go into business together, aiming to combine delicious, local food offerings with positive impacts on the community. In addition to their support of local farms, Hillside Pizza partners with schools, churches, daycares, and more in “take and bake” fundraisers, which have raised $380,000 for local causes to date! “If you have a company that is conscious of social, employment, and environmental issues,” says Bob, “the community will support you as you support them. It’s cyclical.”

Look for this local special:

Autumn Comfort Pizza: Asiago almond pesto, local butternut squash, organic red onion, and sage.

Craig and Bob at Hillside Pizza 001

Owners Bob Linder and Craig White

What’s your favorite part of your job?

“Teaching kids that local food can be healthy and delicious!”

A reason to come to Hillside Pizza:

If you or a loved one is gluten free, have no fear! Hillside now makes gluten free dough upon request.

Did you know?

Each Hillside Pizza location has a different personality and theme. Be sure to check out all three: South Deerfield, Hadley, and Bernardston!

Hillside Pizza supports Queen’s Greens

Photo: Jason Threlfall

Photo: Jason Threlfall

Farmer: Matthew Biskup and Danya Teitelbaum

Story: Queen’s Greens is owned and operated by Matt Biskup and Danya Teitelbaum. They grow certified organic produce from seed in their fields and greenhouses on 30 acres of land in Amherst and Sunderland. They sell to many Pioneer Valley restaurants and caterers as well as retailers such as River Valley Market and Atkins Farm store. Queen’s Greens is known for their extremely high quality produce.

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