Local Hero Profile: My Main Squeeze

My Main Squeeze Cassandra Cerasuolo

“Supporting local farms and businesses is important because it means keeping our money local.” – Cassandra Cerasuolo

Cassandra started juicing as a hobby, but it quickly became more than just a fun pastime. “It kind of started taking over my life!” she laughs. Her passion led her to open My Main Squeeze in 2014. Since then, Cassandra has been serving juices and smoothies to the many people who come through her doors, making her products with as many local and organic ingredients as possible. “I want people to enjoy what they’re drinking and know it’s nourishing their bodies,” she says. One way to ensure great taste and great nutrition, Cassandra believes, is to buy local produce.

A commitment to local:

“Cassandra is committed to the core to supporting local farms with her business,”says farmer Kerisa Fitzgerald. That commitment, Kerisa believes, has powerful effects. “We all need to pause more before we spend money on food or put food in our mouths. In that pause is the possibility to make better choices, choices that will not only impact our personal health, but the health of the local economy and community.”

What’s you favorite part of your job?

Cassandra loves the balance of work and fun, and the close relationships she has with her employees. She also enjoys the creative freedom she has to try new combinations of ingredients and tastes.

my main squeeze

Some favorites from the menu:


  • Protein Punch
  • Glow Green


  • Detoxer
  • Pineapple Bliss

Did you know?

My Main Squeeze also offers juice cleanses and nutrition counseling.

Kerisa Fitzgerald Pomeroy's farmMy Main Squeeze supports Crow River Farm

Farmer: Kerisa Fitzgerald

Story: Kerisa grows a wide range of fruits and vegetables at two locations in East Longmeadow, using one tractor and “a lot of hand work.” One location is at Pomeroy’s Vegetable Farm, where she works alongside her partner and mentor Neil Pomeroy, and the second is Crow River Farm, situated on the grounds of a former horse farm, which was run by Betty Joseph and where Kerisa worked and took riding lessons as a kid. Today Kerisa continues to farm in a way that respects Betty Joseph’s legacy, “to create something good for [the] community by working the land with purpose and care.”

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