Local Hero Profile: The Blue Heron

Photo: Bub Gourmand

“We know what we’re doing is contributing to the local ecosystem and creating a strong community. ” – The Blue Heron

The owners and staff of Blue Heron Restaurant believe in serving meals with integrity: knowing where the ingredients came from, knowing how the animals and earth were treated, and making it possible for farmers to keep farming for generations to come. You’ll often find produce on the menu that came from a farmer swinging by to say, “we’ve got a lot of this right now!”

A taste of the menu:

Keep an eye on the specials for fried corn on the cob! The corn is grown right down the street at Warner Farm.

A reason to come to the Blue Heron:

“We aim to provide the best for our guests, and often that means local — there’s nothing better than a fresh picked tomato in August!”

A few local farms the Blue Heron supports:

  • Clarkdale Fruit Farm
  • Enterprise Farm
  • Golonka Farm
  • Mapleline Farms
  • Riverland Farm
  • Warner Farms

Did you know?

The Blue Heron offers cooking classes, event catering and private dining!

The Blue Heron supports Warner Farm

warner1 HI ResFarmer: Mike Wissemann

Story: Warner Farm is a tenth generation family farm located in Sunderland. They grow over thirty different crops on 150 acres of land and use agricultural methods that promote biodiversity and maintain the health of the soil including organic growing practices, integrated pest management, and crop rotation. The farm has been in operation since 1720 bringing fresh, quality produce to the community. They offer vegetable, fruit, egg, and flower CSA shares during the growing season and sell wholesale. Warner Farm is home to Mike’s Maze, an eight-acre corn maze that features a number of family activities.

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