Local Hero Profile: The Florence Pie Bar

                                              Florence Pie Bar

The Florence Pie Bar  is located in a space that housed the Frayer General Store at the turn of the last century, and then a barber shop from mid-century until 2014. You can expect to see different offerings whenever you come in—the menu changes every two weeks, and seasonal sourcing goes hand-in-hand with keeping the menu updated and fresh.

What inspires you to source locally?

“Traditionally, pies have been baked using what’s in season nearby, so that just makes sense for us. It’s about a neighborhood approach, where the community and farms are all working together.”

Florence Pie Bar

What local food do you look forward to the most?

“Rhubarb! It’s a short season and it’s fun to cook with.”

How do you want customers to feel at the Pie Bar?

“Comfortable, casual, and friendly!”

Did you know?

In addition to the very popular Salted Chocolate or Classic Apple Pie, Florence Pie Bar offers savory hand pies every day, including Tourtière, Curried Beef, Spanakopita, and Samosas.

prospect meadow farm shawn robinsonThe Florence Pie Bar supports Prospect Meadow Farm

Farmer: Shawn Robinson

Story: Always an avid gardener, Shawn had never farmed when he was hired by
ServiceNet to start Prospect Meadow Farm in 2011. Since gaining skills and mentors
from books, the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA), and Community
Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA), Shawn has helped Prospect Meadow grow
and hone in on specialty offerings. In additioon to a wide variety of vegetables,
they have begun to specialize in eggs and log-grown shitake mushrooms. In the
last few years, their production has grown to the point that they can easily provide
the Florence Pie Bar 40 dozen eggs per week for their pies, quiche, and egg biscuits.
Prospect Meadow employs 57 people with disabilities who all work 10-30 hours per
week, making at least $10 per hour. “It’s been rewarding to create meaningful jobs
for so many people who might not otherwise have the opportunity,” Shawn says.
He always knew “local food had nutritional benefits and just made sense,” but has
been blown away by the “huge therapeutic benefits” he has seen displayed in his
employees and in himself.

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