Local Hero Profile: The People’s Pint

The People’s Pint is a favorite in Greenfield. The pub and brewery serve up fresh, local food and their own excellent beer that’s brewed right around the corner on Hope Street. The People’s Pint aims to be that “third place”—not work, not home, but the place where people come to share stories and to connect with friends. Alden Booth, the restaurant’s owner, says he’ll never add TVs because he wants the Pint to be a place where people connect with one another. The menu focuses on reasonable portions of the highest quality protein and vegatables, and the passion for local food is apparent on every page. For Alden, it’s a no brainer: the Valley is rich with growers and suppliers, and supporting them benefits the whole community—The People’s Pint included!

“Restaurants are theater. They are a platform for all sorts of ways of communicating, and one of the joys of running The People’s Pint is our ability to talk about food and how important it is to eat good quality, wholesome food that’s grown nearby.” -Alden Booth, owner

photo: People’s Pint

Feeding the body and soul

Try the Farmer Braised Ribs: antibiotic and hormone free St. Louis-style pork ribs braised with spices in their own Farmer Brown ale, served with barbeque sauce, roasted potatoes and garlic greens. Or try the Pulled Pork Sandwich: applewood smoked Vermont pork and Farmer Brown barbeque sauce with a side of coleslaw.

A few local farms on the menu

  • Apex Orchards
  • Four Star Farm
  • Foxbard Farm
  • Just Roots
  • Wheel-View Farm

A reason to come to The People’s Pint

A portion of of the sales from several of their beers goes to support local nonprofit organizations, like the Training Wheels American Session IPA. Your purchase helps support MassBike, a leading advocate in better cycling practices in Mass.

Did you know?

Alden originally started his local purchasing by riding around the Valley on his bicycle and striking up conversations with local farmers about his new restaurant as he passed by!

John Payne of Foxbard Farm
and Alden Booth of The People’s Pint

The People’s Pint supports Foxbard Farm

Farmer: John Payne

Story: Foxbard Farm, located on 1,150 acres in Shelburne, was originally founded in 1791. Today it is owned by John Payne, who raises grassfed, pure bred Black Angus without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. Because his cows are neither kept in tight quarters nor force fed a corn slurry that damages their stomachs, it takes about 6-10 months longer for John’s cattle to grow to slaughter weight than those of conventional beef farmers. He’s willing to make that trade-off, since the result is a higher quality meat with healthier fats. His methods are also viable because the demand for beef is so high. “We could absolutely double our herd,” John says, “and not even satisfy the basic market.” That won’t be happening any time soon, though, since the size of John’s herd is directly proportional to the amount of land he has available for pasture and growing hay for winter feed (so The People’s Pint is one of the lucky few!). John feels incredibly fortunate to be able to farm such beautiful land.

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