NEPM: Ahlbin’s Homemade Fire Cider

☝? Kara Peters, owner of Ahlbin’s Homemade Fire Cider, tells Phil, Monte, and Kaliis all about what this magical mixture is, and the delicious and healing ways you can use it. They talk about:

  • Sourcing a bunch of ingredients locally, including cider vinegar from Apex Orchards and ginger and turmeric from Old Friends Farm
  • Kara’s perseverance starting her own food business
  • Fire cider in salad dressing, marinades, Bloody Marys…and ice cream? Yup! So many ways to use it in the kitchen!

Taste test verdict from Monte: “Spicy…with a hint of sweetness” ? ? See you can find Ahlbin’s Homemade Fire Cider at