NEPM: Hilltown Mobile Market

This week, Hunt Chase, director of community programs at the Hilltown CDC, tells Kaliis, Monte, and Phil the ins and outs of the Hilltown Mobile Market, a food access juggernaut for the region. 

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Host Kaliis Smith (left) and Hunt Chase (right) Hilltown CDC’s director of community programs

You’ll learn about:

  • Their take-what-you-need fridge and golden ticket programs, which make fresh local food available to folks who need it at no cost.
  • The farms and businesses they source food from.
  • Why a community development corporation (CDC) is so invested in food access, and how you can support their work.

From their website ( “The Hilltown Mobile Market was created to address the challenges of rural food access while developing the economic viability of our small farms.  We manage an online food hub with 20 producers (and growing!) … We partner with local businesses, community centers, councils on aging, health centers and housing authorities to make this food available to anyone who wants it without the long trek to a grocery store or farmer’s market.