NEPM: Our Family Farms Milk

This week on the Fabulous 413, a story of small dairy success. Phil, Monte, and Kaliis visit with Angie Facey of Bree-Z-Knoll Farm and Our Family Farms.

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You’ll learn about 

  • How the federally controlled price of milk hurts many small farms
  • How Our Family Farms is taking control back into their own hands by bottling their own milk
  • The technology, policy, and funding this family is making the most of to help their farm thrive

And you’ll hear some faaaabulous quotes like: 

  • “We name all of our cows. Some of them love you, some of them run away from you. Most of them want to lick you to death.”
  • “The robot will go take care of Camelot’s poop in a minute.”

And a LOT of dairy puns ?