NEPM: Sutter Meats


Terry Ragasa, owner of Sutter Meats in Northampton, gives Monte, Phil, and Kaliis the full scoop on their hyper-local butcher shop, putting farm-fresh meat on your table with the fewest steps in between. They talk about:

  • How Terry and Susan got their start in the butcher business after working for Christie’s Auction House in New York City.
  • The local farms who raise their animals, including Local Heroes Sage Farm in Bernardston and Austin Brothers Valley Farm in Belchertown.
  • Butchery classes – for homesteaders, hunters, and anyone who’s curious! 

Coming soon from Sutter Meats: home-delivered butcher boxes. It’s like a CSA for lovers of local meat! Sign up for their emails to be the first to know when it launches at