Oaxacan Street Corn

By Sarah Voiland of Red Fire Farm

You can make this with grilled or oven roasted corn, or also boiled or steamed corn. I first had this from street vendors in Oaxaca, called elote, so good. I think they made it with a different type of corn than sweet corn. This is my adaptation.

Ears of cooked corn
Mayonaise (you can add chopped garlic to it or make an aioli)
Chili powder and/or Cayenne Pepper
Crumbled or grated Cotija cheese (or if not available queso fresco, parmesan, or feta, or really any cheese you like is worth trying)
Fresh lime
Salt if desired

Spread a thin (or thick 🙂 layer of mayo on your corn. Roll in crumbled cheese. Sprinkle with cayenne and chili powder. This is a great item to set up in a buffet so people can do it themselves. Put out a bowl of lime wedges  – the juice adds a lightness and tang that is key. Bite and see if you’d like more salt. Or cayenne. Or lime.