PeoplesBank is the largest mutual bank headquartered in western Massachusetts, with 22 locations open throughout Hampshire and Hampden County, as well as northern Connecticut. “Being based out of western Mass, CISA’s Buy Local slogan is very near and dear to us. As the region goes, so goes the regional banks,” explains Matthew Bannister, First Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Responsibility.

PeoplesBank’s sponsorship of CISA stems from their corporate value of sustainability, and their focus on supporting the economic growth and activity in the Valley. “Our local farms are one of the great bedrocks in the region, in terms of economic growth,” says Bannister. “Our support of CISA allows us to help small business owners, the regional economy, and the environment, all at once.”

PeoplesBank’s other corporate values include early childhood literacy and financial literacy work to ensure that everyone has the skills necessary to manage their money independently. “If you want to put one giant blanket descriptor on nearly all of our philanthropic activities, it would be ‘levelling the playing field,’” remarks Bannister.

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