Ag Infrastructure

As demand grows for local farm products, CISA is connecting the dots between farm fields and kitchen tables, workplace dining rooms, and grocery store shelves. We’re working with partners to improve local infrastructure and address critical gaps in the systems and facilities needed to get agricultural products to new markets.

Since 2007, we’ve worked with growers, business owners, and buyers interested in ready-to-eat salad greens, dairy products, meat, frozen local produce, and winter storage crops. See the links on the right to read more about our work on these projects, which included assessing equipment costs and financing options, understanding shifting regulatory environments, navigating community response, and looking closely at interwoven requirements related to production and scale.

CISA acts as a convener, facilitator, and researcher to help farmers, for-profits, and public and private funders gain knowledge of the value of investing in food systems infrastructure. We participate in the PVGrows Network and PVGrows Loan Fund, working with individuals and organizations all over the Pioneer Valley to create a food system that provides healthy food for all residents of our region, undergirds our local economy, protects open space and the environment, and creates jobs and opportunities.

For more information on CISA’s infrastructure initiatives, or to get involved, please contact Margaret Christie, Special Projects Director, at 413-665-7100.


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