Change your TotilPay credit/debit processor from WorldPay to Square

TotilPay now has two credit/debit processing options: WorldPay and Square

Before, the credit/debit transactions handled by Mobile Market Plus (MM+) / TotilPay were processed only by WorldPay. Now, Novo Dia Group (the company that owns the MM+/TotilPay products) has expanded their partnerships so that credit/debit transactions can also be processed through Square. If you have been using MM+/TotilPay to process credit/debit transactions, you already have a WorldPay account set up. You can choose to have your credit/debit transactions be processed by Square instead.

What you need to do: choose between Square & WorldPay

There are pros and cons to both Square and WorldPay (see chart below).

CISA recommends farmers and farmers’ markets use Square as their credit/debit card processor. The main reason is this will ultimately result in saving on lots of money on fees. Looking at the two from a big-picture standpoint, Square charges per-transaction fees, whereas WorldPay charges per-transaction fees AND annual fees. So, for example, even if you don’t accept any credit or debit transactions in a year, with WorldPay, you would still have to pay an annual fee.

See the below infographic as a PDF here.

How to cancel WorldPay and switch to Square

1. Cancel WorldPay account

  • Fill out this form and send to WorldPay.
  • You need to call them to get the chain code/acronym they require on the form. It isn’t on your statements as the form suggests.
  • If you have issues with them processing your form and cancelling your account, call them at the WorldPay Help Desk at 1-800-859-5965 or email them at

2. Tell Novo Dia Group (TotilPay) that you’re cancelling WorldPay, moving to Square

  • Email Novo Dia Group (the company that owns TotilPay) at
  • Inform them you’re cancelling your WorldPay account and will be switching to Square. This allows them to reconfigure your TotilPay account.

3. Once you hear back from TotilPay after step #2 (usually within 24 hours) update TotilPay Go on your iPad/tablet/smartphone device

  • At this link, scroll down to the steps under “Communication Tests” and follow steps 1-10

4. Set up a Square account

5. Tie your Square account to TotilPay

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