8. HIP requires customer service tweaks

Available resources:

  • CISA is planning on a late fall workshop to help farmers and market managers improve customer service skills, booth configurations, and flow of display—keep your eye on our events calendar for more info.
  • CISA is working on a fall forum to provide a place for farmers and market managers in the Pioneer Valley to share about the successes and challenges of HIP, to talk through best practices and strategies for working with HIP, and put together plans for next year to advocate for what farmers and market managers need—keep your eye on our events calendar for more info.

Learnings from market managers & farmers:

  • Change the layout of booths so that browsing and payment are in two different physical places.
  • If the farmer has two people working the booth, split the line into two lines for  “cash-only” and “EBT/credit/debit.”
  • Use the reports feature on the mobile MM+ device to track purchases and help prepare for increasing demand.
  • Changing needs in stocking and staffing require flexibility and training on quality customer service.
  • Make sure all staff who will be using the device receive training on HIP regulations and how to run a HIP transaction.
  • Proper sign placement is key.

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