1. A customer’s favorite vendor is not HIP-ready

Available resources:

  • More and more farmers across MA are coming on board every week. The MassGrown map is updated with the latest info on HIP-active markets, stands, and CSA programs. Find HIP vendors and HIP-active markets by selecting HIP from the “Nutrition Programs” dropdown. Select “farmers’ markets,” “farm stands,” “mobile markets,” or “CSAs” to filter for a certain kind of location, or leave “Location Types” selected to see all eligible HIP points of sale at once.
  • The “HIP-Healthy Incentives Program, Pioneer Valley” Facebook page is up and running! Encourage shoppers to follow the page for updates and to share with their friends and family. To help build the page’s momentum, link to the HIP Facebook page from your website, like the page as your market, and ask your vendors to tag the HIP page when posting their own photos and links of HIP-eligible items.
  • For more information on farms, see CISA’s online guide.

Tips from market managers:

  • Write down the names and numbers of customers looking for HIP vendors, and let the customer know you’ll call them back when vendors have their HIP machines and are ready to process. Or have customers sign up for your newsletter, the HIP Facebook page or your market’s, or other social media, and make sure to update with the latest HIP news. That way, you’ll keep those new HIP customers coming back.
  • Be familiar with the locations accepting HIP nearby your market, to help educate the consumer about other places to access their benefit. A customer walking away with more resources, tools, and ways to plug in will be happier about their experience and more likely to come back to the market. On the MassGrown map, set your parameters, then select “Export List” on the bottom left to view a list of current HIP locations near you.

Helpful phrases:

  • “I hear you, and I’m sorry you’re frustrated. HIP is a big program across the state, and it’s taking time to roll out. Here’s what I know, and here’s what’s coming up: … Thanks for coming by and I hope you’ll visit us again.”
  • “I’d be happy to take down your number and give you a call or a text when we have a HIP vendor active at the market!” OR “Check out the MassGrown map to see when we become HIP-active, and to find more places to access your benefit” OR “Like HIP on Facebook/join our newsletter and we’ll update that when we’re HIP-active!”

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