9. Customers disappointed HIP is only for fruits and veggies

Available resources:


  • Tell customers asking about HIP that after they earn their incentive, they can choose to spend their money on a variety of SNAP-eligible products at the market.
  • Encourage your HIP vendors to educate their staff and the customers that they can buy SNAP-eligible products at other vendors at the market the same day. When sales benefit the customer’s experience, the customer is most likely to return and spend more.
  • Encourage non-HIP vendors to create “recipes of the week” which include both fruits and vegetables as well as their own product.
  • Fundraise as a market to be able to match customers’ SNAP purchases at other booths.

Helpful phrases:

  • “After you earn your HIP benefit by buying fruits and vegetables, you’ll have the SNAP money on your EBT card to purchase your bread/meat/dairy/eggs at any of the other food vendors at the market!”
  • “Don’t forget – now that you’ve earned money back onto your card through HIP, you can spend that money on any SNAP-eligible food at the market!”

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