6. Language barriers between market staff and customers

Available resources:

Learnings from market managers:

  • Provide signage and “HIP tips” in multiple languages.
  • Have this sheet handy in case you need to establish what language a customer is speaking.
  • Reach out to community organizations who work with people who speak other languages. Coordinate with these organizations to set up market tours welcoming them to the market and showing how HIP works, in their preferred language. (Markets in Amherst, Belchertown, and Northampton should contact Healthy Hampshire for help; ask CISA for help getting started at other markets, or if you need someone to lead the tour!)

Helpful phrases:

  • Making sure to speak slowly and enunciate carefully can help with understanding in certain circumstances
  • When talking with community organizations: “I manage the _______ farmers’ market on _______ (insert market day) between March and December. I wanted to let you know that we accept SNAP and have vendors processing HIP. Are you familiar with HIP? We’d love it if you would help us spread the word about it, to help folks access their benefit and expand the customer base here

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