7. Low EBT funds make using HIP difficult for some customers

Available resources:

Tip from farmer:

  • If you have a long line, offer to run three transactions for the customer, and let them know that if they’d like to continue making purchases, they’ll need to get in line again. Ask the customer what day of the month they receive their benefits, and encourage the customer to come to the next market after that so they can make sure to maximize their benefit to its full potential.
  • Note: Some individuals or families receive a minimally low amount of SNAP benefits each month. Even right after they receive their SNAP benefits, these customers would need many transactions, depending on their family size, to take full advantage of the Healthy Incentive’s $40, $60, or $80 benefit.

Helpful phrasing:

  • “I’m sorry, it’s our policy to run three transactions at a time per customer. We do this to help move our line along. I’ll run these three, then please stand in line again and when you’re next, I’ll run another three!” (repeat apology and explanation as needed)

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