4. Not enough vendors at my market accept HIP

Available resources:

Tips from CISA:

  • Encourage vendors to participate so you have a HIP-active market!
  • Some vendors may be HIP authorized but for various reasons, are currently unable to accept HIP transactions. This may be due to technology or other factors. Regardless, these hurdles can be overcome and the vendor can again accept HIP. To diagnose and become re-set up, reach out to CISA at
  • Talk about HIP in your newsletter, website, and other marketing tools.
  • If you have few HIP vendors and as a result they have long lines, consider line management techniques that make the customer feel like they are not waiting as long. Talk to Zoey for more information.
  • Market managers and steering committee members can consider requiring fruit and vegetable vendors to accept SNAP, for better customer service and marketing opportunities for the market as a whole.

Helpful phrases:

  • “I’d like to see all eligible vendors on board with HIP”
  • “You’ll be better able to compete with HIP vendors when you have your machine.”
  • “CISA has staff ready to help you through the process – just email or call them!”

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