Reauthorize your SNAP status with the USDA

Once you become authorized by the USDA’s Food & Nutrition Service (FNS) to become a SNAP vendor, every five years you must go through a re-authorization to confirm that you would still like to participate in SNAP as a business and accept SNAP-EBT transactions.

Close to when your five year mark approaches, the USDA will send a letter to the address they have on file, with instructions on how you can reauthorize. Complete the quick instructions in the letter to confirm you are still in business and would like to continue accepting SNAP.

In addition to a letter notice, you can also check to see if you are up for reauthorization through your USDA account. This is the same account you used to apply to become a SNAP vendor initially. If you are up for reauthorization, you will receive a notice here. Log in to your USDA account here.

If you miss your reauthorization letter and/or do not complete your SNAP reauthorization in time:

If you miss this letter and/or do not complete the reauthorization instructions in time, you will need to re-apply to accept SNAP. Getting your SNAP and/or HIP accepting back up and running requires three steps:

  1. Re-apply to accept SNAP. The simplest way to do this is by scheduling a call with MarketLink, an organization that can fill out the SNAP application over the phone for you. Schedule a call here and click “SNAP Application Assistance.” See this page for complete information on applying to accept SNAP.

    Important note! If you are a HIP vendor, it is imperative that you get re-authorized for SNAP under the same FNS number you had before. When scheduling your call with MarketLink, in the notes section include how you are a Massachusetts HIP vendor and in order to keep your HIP status you must be reauthorzied under the same FNS number as before. (Even if you don’t know what your FNS number was, they can find it out for you).

  2. If you are a HIP vendor, contact They will need to re-link you to all their state systems so you can accept HIP again. Email them to let them know you have re-applied for SNAP. They will send you Conduent forms to fill out and some additional instructions.
  3. For both SNAP-only and SNAP&HIP vendors, check in with your equipment provider so they can re-link your account to your equipment. If you use TotilPay (formerly Mobile Market Plus), email to let them know you needed to re-apply for SNAP and HIP.  If you use Conduent DirectConnect, notify the state at

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