Upgrade Mobile Market+ to TotilPay

Attention Mobile Market+  and MarketLink users! Novo Dia Group, the company that runs the Mobile Market+ program and facilitates MarketLink, has made changes to Mobile Market+ (MM+). Both require your attention and action.

Below is how to upgrade to TotilPay. CISA also recommends you switch your credit/debit card processor from WorldPay to Square to save on fees.

Mobile Market+ is now TotilPay

Novo Dia has rebranded its Mobile Market Plus service to TotilPay. Mobile Market + Select is now TotilPay Go, and Mobile Market + Register is now TotilPay Register. This means that if you are using the Mobile Market Plus application, you will need to switch over to using the TotilPay application. All of your account information and transaction history will be transferred from your Mobile Market Plus account to your TotilPay account.

What you need to do:
All businesses that use Mobile Market Plus (farms, farmers’ markets, etc.) must switch over to TotilPay, regardless of what type of transactions you use the platform for: SNAP, HIP, or credit/debit. Steps to do this are below.

  1. Decide if you want your credit/debit processing to be handled through Square or WorldPay (see second update here for guidance).
    1. If you choose WorldPay: you already have been processing debit/credit with Mobile Market Plus, you already have an account with WorldPay, and you don’t need to make any changes.
    2. If you choose Square: you will need to first make a Square account.
  2. “Unlink” your account from Mobile Market + and get an activation code.
    • This involves logging into your account through a web browser. Follow Part 1 of these instructions to complete this step.
    • If you have any issues or questions with this, reach out to Novo Dia. The best way to reach them is through email at You can also call at 888-377-7884.
    • If you have chosen Square, contact the support staff at Novo Dia so that can connect your TotilPay account to your Square account.
    • Novo Dia staff MUST be notified of your new Square account, and you MUST complete the Part 1 instructions above before you go to the next step.
  3. Download and activate the TotilPay Go app on your device. For more detail on how to do that, see the Part 2 instructions at the bottom of this link.The next two steps only apply if you have chosen to use Square.
  4. Integrate your Square account and pair your Square reader with TotilPay Go.
  5. Contact Worldpay Support at 800-859-5965 or 877-744-5300 to close your Worldpay account.

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