Labor Law and Management

Employment Laws

CISA logo for resources  Employment Laws for Massachusetts Farms
The rules and regulations surrounding wages, overtime, breaks, and other labor requirements vary from state to state, and often state law is not aligned with federal law. The following resources are designed to help farmers in Massachusetts ensure that they are adhering to applicable laws:

Farm Commons: Resources on Labor Law
Farm Commons produces a wide variety of resources to advise farmers on complying with federal labor laws and offers labor management tips as well resources on a range of other legal topics related to farm businesses.

Human Resources Management

Creating Positive Workplaces: A Guidebook for Dairy Producers
This guidebook offers practical tools for use on dairy and other farms to improve workplace communication with a culturally diverse workforce. It is based on research by the Cornell Farmworker Program and Cornell Cooperative Extension that engaged NY dairy farm owners and workers in discussions of how to create greater stability and satisfaction in the workplace.

CISA logo for resourcesEmployee Hiring and Management

Tips from farmers and career professionals on hiring, organizing, managing, and evaluating employees.

  CISA logo for resourcesH-2A Decision-Making Guide

Walks farmers through the pros and cons of the H-2A program, which is a federal program that brings non-immigrant foreign laborers into the country for agricultural work.   

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