Enroll: Restaurants, Cafés, Caterers

Restricted to businesses that document significant efforts to purchase and promote locally grown products.

If you are a renewing Local Hero member, click here to fill out our year-end survey BEFORE you enroll for a $10 credit.*

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Local Hero membership benefits:

All members benefit from CISA’s aggressive advertising and marketing campaign and promotion of our trademarked slogan Be a Local Hero, Buy Locally Grown® and Local Hero logo.

CISA recognizes businesses faced unprecedented challenges this year as a result of COVID-19. This sliding scale option was created so cost would not be a barrier for businesses to participate.

The baseline cost for a bronze membership is $200. This cost covers staff time to maintain the Online Guide, execute marketing opportunities, “Buy Local” consumer advertising, the cost of the Local Hero POP starter kit, 1×1 CISA staff assistance, and overhead costs. If you can’t afford this, pay any amount between $1-$200. Please use the graphic and the benchmarks below to determine the price you will pay.

Not Sure What to Pay?

$40 covers the cost of the POP starter kit and networking opportunities.

$75 covers the staff time to maintain the online guide and to execute marketing opportunities as well as the cost of the Local Hero starter kit.

Those who are able to pay $201 or more help subsidize the cost of those who are unable to afford the baseline price. If you are able to pay more it’s greatly appreciated by CISA and your fellow members.

Bronze (Baseline $200) benefits include:

  • Permission to use the Local Hero logo
  • Listing in the searchable online guide
  • Starter kit of Local Hero price cards and stickers
  • A “We Support Local Agriculture” sign for new members
  • Access to additional low-cost Local Hero supplies and merchandise. See more information here.
  • Access to CISA marketing expertise and technical assistance
  • Members-only networking events
  • Monthly members-only e-newsletters
  • Discounts on CISA workshops, and events, and products
  • Eligibility to serve on CISA’s board and committees
  • CISA staff will review ad copy, materials, grants, etc. if needed
  • Priority opportunity to participate in CISA’s annual fundraising event
  • Opportunity to promote your events on CISA’s website and e-newsletter

Silver (Baseline $240) benefits include:

All the benefits of bronze membership, PLUS:

  • Free Local Hero stickers and price cards; up to 100 rolls of stickers and 1500 price cards
  • 50% off client facility fee at Western MA Food Processing Center. See more information here.

Discounts to lower your membership fee!

*Complete our survey for a $10 credit if you are a renewing member!
Credit can be used toward future workshop fees, to buy additional POP, CISA merchandise, or even next year’s membership fee! For restaurants that choose to pay $11 or more for membership, this $10 can be used towards your enrollment fee immediately if you wish!

Survey Link:

Multiple listings or memberships

If you own more than one restaurant you can get them listed. Please refer to the sliding scale to determine the cost you will pay per listing. If you also own a farm you want listed, use the Local Hero farmer and farmer co-op enrollment form to resister that business. For any questions contact Dan at 413-665-7100 x26.

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