How to update your online member listing

CISA maintains an online, searchable database of all members of CISA’s Local Hero program. If you’d like to have your business listed, you must have an active Local Hero membership. Details about membership can be found here.

How to Use the Online Guide

Our online guide can be found at Search by Local Food, Business Type, Business Name, or Your Location, and enter your ZIP code and the mile radius you would like to search from, if applicable.

Note: if your web browser permissions restrict access to your location, the online guide defaults to the geographic center of CISA’s region, Hatfield (ZIP code is 01038). You can manually change the ZIP code to where you would like to search.

How to Log Into Your Page

  1. Go to
  2. In the “Username or Email” field, enter the email address that is visible on your Local Hero online business listing. You can search for your listing here:
    NOTE: If you changed the email address affiliated with your account, use that email address to log in. Not sure or can’t remember? Contact Jennifer at, and we can reset it for you.
  3. Enter your password
    1. If you have forgotten your password, click “Lost Password.”
    2. A temporary password will be sent to the email address you entered. You can update your login email and password once you have logged in using this temporary password. Didn’t get an email? Check your spam folder.
  4. After logging in, you will be taken to your listing, where you can make changes as you please. After making a change, be sure to click the “Update” button on the right-hand side to save your changes.

Updating your Listing

The more detail you add to your listing, the more consumer searches you will appear in and the more robust your listing will appear. After you make any changes to your listing, be sure to press the blue “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page to save.

Some things we recommend updating are:

    1. Your business description. This can be as long as you want! This appears at the top of your listing, and gives viewers an overview of your business. When you are editing your listing, this text goes in the “About” box.
    2. Photos. Add up to 8 photos that are less than 2 mg in size. Pictures make a huge impact on consumers when they are browsing through the online guide. You can add pictures in the “Photos” box when you are editing your listing. Once you upload pictures, you can drag them up or down to change the order that they show up in. Note that the first picture in the list will be the icon that shows up next to your business in searches.
    3. Contact Information. Add your business phone number, links to your website, and any social media sites. Add these into the “Contact Info” box when editing your description.
    4. Your products. Update the list of everything your business produces. When updating your listing, when you scroll down, you will see all kinds of checkboxes that you can select. Check off all the items you sell, grow, or carry. You will appear in searches for items you select. Make sure you are thorough. You will not appear in searches for the items you did not select!
    5. Payment options, wholesale information, growing practices, and food safety certifications. Check off the options that apply to you under the following four sections when editing your page: “Payment Options,” “Wholesale,” “Growing Practices,” and “Food Safety Certifications.” This will enable you to come up in consumers’ searches for specific payment options, growing practices, and more.
    6. Where customers can find you. Update info on how you sell (farmers’ markets, farm stand, CSA, PYO, wholesale, family fun, etc.). If you select any of these checkboxes, be sure to include details on them in your listing. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page when editing your listing (below all the checkboxes) and add text into the boxes with the relevant title you are adding detail to.

Need Assistance?

Feel free to contact Jen Smith at any time. She is here to help you with any questions you have about your listing, and can also update it for you if you prefer that instead. Plus, there are many nuances to updating the guide, and we want you to take full advantage of your online guide listing benefit. Get in touch with Jen at or by calling 413-665-7100, ext. 22.

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