Hiring: River Valley Market Financial Manager

Purpose:  To ensure co-op finances conform to generally accepted accounting principles, while providing financial information and analysis to management as needed to support achievement of co-op objectives.

Status: Reports to General Manager.

Supervises Finance and IT/IS staff

Full time salaried, Pay level IX


  2. Prepare timely, accurate financial statements.
  3. Provide weekly, monthly, quarterly reports to department heads, management and Board as assigned.
  4. Coordinate preparation of annual capital, operating and cash budgets, and annual financial reports to members.
  5. Monitor deviations from budget and inform management.
  6. Provide financial analysis of current operations and projections for future scenarios, as requested.
  7. Ensure that all quarterly and yearly taxes are paid on time:  business, property, corporate, sales, payroll, employment security, industrial insurance, federal withholding.
  8. Prepare financing proposals as needed, projections for scenario considerations for business planning decisions and annual budgeting.
  9. Work productively and positively with outside advisers and independent accounting firm to ensure GAAP compliance, best business practices, and CoCoFiSt data is presented accurately.
  10. Ensure all business and operating licenses are secured and current.
  11. Obtain adequate insurance of all business operations.
  2. Oversee accounts payable, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.  Schedule large payments to avoid strains on cash, in coordination with department heads.
  3. Oversee recording and collecting on bad checks, and in recording other accounts receivable.
  4. Process staff payroll to ensure timeliness, accuracy, correct deductions.  Perform payroll analysis according to budget projections.
  5. Money-handling:

1) Establish standards of accuracy for cashiers and floor managers in handling money and give feedback via Front End Manager.

2) Oversee bank deposits to ensure timeliness and accuracy.

3) Oversee entering of daily cash receipts to ensure timeliness and accuracy.

  1. Oversee maintenance of member-owner database, including equity investments, payments/refunds, low-income membership information, and current updates.
  2. Ensure member loan record-keeping accuracy, timely payments, and communications.
  3. Ensure bank account reconciliation accuracy.


  1. Ensure continuity of computerized accounting and information system applications, including upgrades and improvements in systems where needed.
  2. Ensure back-ups for all data entered, in conjunction with IT service.
  3. Research and recommend hardware and software options and manage implementation of any new equipment and processes.
  4. Oversee maintenance of computer and other office equipment, contracted and as needed.
  5. Maintain budget for store office supplies/approve purchases.
  2. Hire qualified applicants following established policy.
  3. Ensure on-the-job training.
  4. Conduct performance evaluations.
  5. Take disciplinary action as needed following established policies.
  6. Ensure staff are informed of store-wide meetings and policy changes.
  7. Schedule department hours within budget.  Review time cards.
  9. Lead and coordinate development of annual operating and capital budgets.
  10. Review financial reports of department performance and take corrective action as needed.
  11. Attend Management Team meetings and storewide meetings.
  12. Attend Board meetings when necessary for financial reviews.
  13. Perform other tasks assigned by General Manager.


–      Minimum two years financial management experience; retail environment preferred.

–      Knowledge and experience in formal annual audit process and working with outside reporting agencies.

–     Formal accounting education – degree preferred.

–      Ability to interpret financial reports for non-accountants.

–      Knowledge of business tax preparation and reporting.

–      Experience negotiating financing and managing lender and relations.

–      Understanding of business insurance coverage (operational and benefits related) needs and broker relations/negotiations.

–      Experience in dealing with new and established vendor accounts and negotiating for favorable terms; knowledge of time-value of cash flow.

–     Familiarity with computers, computer literacy.  QuickBooks proficiency a must.

–      Experience in developing budgets (including operating, capital, and cash flow budgets) and quarterly/annual projections.

–      Proven successful supervision.

–     Communication skills–good listener, clear directions; able to interact on all levels of contact with professionalism, respect, and patience.

–     Demonstrated ability to multi-task and follow through on commitments.

–        Organized, pays attention to detail.

–        Knowledge of natural and organic foods; experience in local movement preferred.  Cooperative business practice understanding/experience a plus.

–        Regular, predictable attendance.

River Valley Market is an equal opportunity employer encouraging strength through diversity

Contact Rebecca Busansky if interested.

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