Spring Menu: Local Hero classic spring meal

scallions.AtlasFarm.farmersmarketWe’ve pulled together tasty recipes from Local Hero members around the Valley, with a focus on classic dishes that scream spring.

Fresh Pea Soup: via Brookfield Farm, this recipe is full of young spring veggies like lettuce, shelling peas, and spinach. This fresh dish is very unlike heavy split-pea soups.

Warm Spinach Salad: via Red Fire Farm, this is an inspiring use of seasonal ingredients! It calls for chives and chive flowers, which would be lovely. But if you don’t have access to chives, use scallions or spring onions. Here‘s a nice explanation of how to substitute different green onion-y ingredients. I’ve seen variations on this warm spinach salad recipe that used bacon, too.

Lamb chops with mint pesto: Leyden Glen Lamb posted this twist on a classic recipe, which includes a lot of information about how their meat is produced, and how to choose and cook with lamb. If you want to prioritize cooking with sustainable and humanely produced local meat, give some new types of meat and new cuts a try!

Strawberry Tart: via Tuesday Market, this is a simple and tasty tart that could be made with any seasonal berries. Look for local flour, eggs, soft cheese, and honey to make it a truly local treat!

And don’t forget to serve local drinks!

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