For Rent: The Farm at Air Hill

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Property Owner: Private non-farming landowner
Property Location: Dracut, Middlesex County, MA
Total number of acres available with this property: 1-5
Acres of cropland or tillable land: 6-20
Acres of pasture: 1-5
Acres of forested land: 1-5
Other open and/or non-farmable land: All the land is suited for cropping or pasture. Additional rental land is possible.
Water sources present: Available
Water sources details: Town water. Private well option.
Barns and sheds: Available
Farm infrastructure details: Barns and other farm structures may be constructed onsite to meet farmer’s needs. Owner open to various supportive financial arrangements. May include storage, value-added/processing, fencing, commercial kitchen, etc.
Farmer housing: Available
Farmer housing details: Good sized house awaiting owner’s renovations with farmer’s input to meet needs. Lots of potential including work areas, labor housing.
Equipment and machinery: None available
Property for rent: Secure, affordable long-term arrangement, with initial trial period.

Landowner seeks entrepreneurial, community-oriented farmer to develop a diverse small farm located on a residential street. The land has been well cared for and has organic certification. Many enterprise options are welcome. Landowner will work with farmer to decide and plan for farm buildings and other infrastructure to meet the farmer’s business vision and needs.

A rare opportunity for a farmer with experience and vision. S/he will be encouraged to incorporate educational and outreach components that will engage the community and enhance the farm. The landowner’s goal is to enable a successful, sustainable farming operation that interacts with the community. Examples include connections with local schools, on-farm demonstrations, “open farm days”, and/or classes. In the spirit of partnership, the landowner is open to the farmer’s creative and practical considerations, and to various supportive financial arrangements. Innovation is encouraged. Owner has considerable community and market connections. Future might include collaborations with area nonprofits. Markets are abundant, including restaurants, institutional markets such as schools, UMass Lowell and regional hospitals. Potential additional rental land.

Open house scheduled for January 9, 2016. Application deadline February 1. Email for open house and application information.

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