Valley Bounty, April 12, 2014: Parsnips

Parsnips are a long tapered root, like a carrot, only bigger. They can be dug in the fall, but gain sweetness if left in the ground all winter, and dug right now, when the ground has thawed but they have not yet begun to regrow their leafy tops. They are a spring New England treat! Find the parsnips at local retailers and winter markets.


Here is CISA’s list of farms that produce parsnips, and here’s our list of farmers’ markets open this week.

One local farm that specializes in spring-dug parsnips is Winter Moon Roots. Read our profile of farmer Michael Docter here, and find video of a visit to the farm here. Winter Moon parsnips are available at River Valley Market, All Things Local, and the Northampton and Amherst winter markets.

Bonus: Find out which local farmer was courted with a song about parsnips and kissing, here.


Hearty Parsnip, Carrot, Rutabaga, and Sausage Soup from Riverland Farm

Parsnip Coconut Rice from Red Fire Farm

Parsnip Maple Muffins from Justamere Tree Farm