Valley Bounty, April 26, 2014: Wild Edibles

The red-tinged shoots of stinging nettles are forcing themselves through the mulch underneath my gooseberries. Although they require some care to pick, they are a welcome and nutritious addition to soups and stir fries this time of year, and can be dried for later use. Ramps and fiddleheads are soon to follow. Keep an alert eye out in local markets—or in the woods—and you may be lucky enough to enjoy some of these traditional spring treats.

Information and recipes:

Hilltown Families ran a recent story about foraging with kids here.

There’s not much need to worry about over-harvesting nettles, but ramps and fiddleheads are another story. Here is information about taking care when harvesting ramps, including recipes for ramp pesto and cornbread and fiddleheads which you can find here.

Irish Nettle Soup from Just Roots community farm in Greenfied.