Valley Bounty: Garlic

Celebrate the beauty of garlic this weekend with a trip to the Garlic and Arts Festival in Orange, or by preparing a garlic-themed meal—or both! Lovely local garlic can be found in multiple varieties, offering different colors, flavors, and levels of pungency. Don’t forget one of the simplest preparations of all: wrap a few unpeeled bulbs in tinfoil with a little water and oil and bake until you can push out the soft insides and spread them on bread. It takes about 45 minutes at 400°, but is very forgiving. If you remember to throw a bulb or two in the oven anytime you’re slow-cooking something else, you’ll thank yourself.

Valley Bounty is written by Margaret Christie

The Garlic and Arts Festival runs September 26th and 27th 2015.

Sources: Here’s a list of local garlic growers.