Valley Bounty: Ginger

Local greenhouse-grown ginger is available for just a few weeks each fall. Vibrant, juicy and less fibrous than its older relative, it has tender skin that doesn’t need to be peeled. Once you discover it, you may find that you’re looking for reasons to eat more ginger. Quick-pickled, it will store for months in your fridge (add a few slices of beet if you want the traditional pink color without the food coloring). You can also freeze a year’s supply, grating the frozen root as needed.

Try stir-frying fall’s hardy greens with lots of garlic and ginger.

Valley Bounty is written by Margaret Christie

Sources: CISA’s list of ginger growers is here; or, look for farmers’ markets, farmstands, or retailers that prioritize local sourcing. Remember that you can put in your own zip code at the bottom of the page and find the sources that are closest to you.