Valley Bounty, June 1: Springy Green Alliums

Onions and garlic are pantry staples, available nearly year round from local farms. But you don’t need to eat the same onions in June that you eat in February! Look for bunches of fresh green garlic and slender scallions (or green onions) in markets now. Within a couple of weeks, you’ll also find scapes, garlic’s curly flower stalk. Try these delicate, mild members of the allium family raw in salads or pesto, or add them to eggs or sautéed asparagus for a seasonal treat.

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The cooks at the Kitchen Garden Farm reflect on garlic’s importance in their food and on their farm on their garlic page (scroll down for spring garlic). You’ll also find several recipes celebrating this fleeting crop.

Red Fire Farm provides recipes for green garlic pesto and a green garlic and white bean dip.

I used this recipe from Serious Eats last week to make scallion pancakes. They were a hit in my household, and surprisingly easy to make.