Valley Bounty: Leftover Turkey

Many of us emerging from our tryptophan comas yesterday (or maybe today, if you really went for it on Thanksgiving) were no doubt confronted by formidable piles of uneaten turkey in our refrigerators. Leftovers are as much a part of the Thanksgiving experience as college football and Matt Lauer explaining the size of the inflatable cartoon characters being marched down 6th Avenue. If the idea of eating full Thanksgiving plates every night until December leaves a little something to be desired, try some of these ideas for leftover turkey:

Turkey enchiladas — this baked cousin of the burrito can accommodate other Thanksgiving staples like roasted potatoes as well, and a drizzle of chili or mole sauce brings a welcome bit of spice.

Turkey grilled cheese — I’d go with sourdough and something creamy like brie or camembert, and be sure to add in some leftover cranberry sauce for tartness.

Turkey ramen — upgrade this dorm-room staple by making turkey stock with the bones and leftover bits and adding chopped bacon, scallions, shiitake, soft boiled egg, and, of course, some leftover turkey.

Turkey chili — I’d simmer all the other ingredients until they’re nearly done before adding the cooked turkey, to avoid overcooking it and making it tough.

Valley Bounty is written by Brian Snell of CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture)