Valley Bounty, March 22, 2014: Celeriac

Celeriac looks just as you’d imagine a root vegetable would: bulbous and hairy. But peel off its rough skin and medusa-like roots to reveal a smooth, firm interior. Once prepped, celeriac can be grated raw to top a salad, roasted, or cooked and pureed. Crunchy or creamy, it offers a lovely celery flavor—good with local greens, other root vegetables, apples, and more.


Greenfield blogger Meggin Thwing Eastman has a good collection of celeriac recipes here. In some cases, celeriac is a supporting ingredient, and in others, it’s the star. Such recipes that are included on her site are: Nuoc Cham, Root Vegetable Hash, Soup and more!

The Huffington Post did a round-up of recipe in which celeriac plays a major role, here. The link includes Purees, Roasted Veggies, Mashes, Hummus, Salads and more!

Be sure to buy your Celeriac from a locally-grown source!