Valley Bounty. May 24, 2014: Spring Greens

Fresh local salad mixes deserve top billing at farmers’ markets, restaurants, and retail outlets. Tender spring greens are delicate and delicious, whether you like mild lettuces and spinach or spicy mustard and arugula. Salad mixes are a visual and nutritional feast, as well—dark green tatsoi, feathery red mustard, soft green baby kale. Go simple with oil and vinegar, or top with slivers of asparagus, sliced spring turnips and radishes, hardboiled eggs, or local cheese.

By Margaret Christie


CISA’s list of farmers’ markets is here, and our list of salad green producers is here. A CSA share is a great way to be assured of fresh greens all season long, and it’s not too late to sign up. See our list here.