Valley Bounty, November 23, 2013: Potatoes

How do you like your potatoes? Russet brown, bright purple, rose-tinted, buttery yellow? Big bakers or skinny fingerlings?  No need to choose—enjoy them all! Play matchmaker, selecting the perfect potato for a given dish, or roast them all together. Tired of mashed potatoes on the Thanksgiving menu, but can’t risk the wrath of the family mashed potato lobby?  Bring blue ones, and add a lot of roasted garlic, local cream, and butter—it’s a holiday! Find your ingredients at winter markets. Northampton’s opens today, 9-2 at Smith Vocational; find other markets in your area here.

CISA’s list of potato growers is here.  In this in between season, we have two lists of farmers’ markets, one of markets open now, and one of all the winter markets.

Find our potato recipes here.